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Volunteering at Ran Mangli Foundation

At Ran Mangli Foundation, we work in partnership with the Forest Departments towards creating livelihood skills for the forest-neighbouring communities. We involve, train and motivate the villagers in this journey.

Our cause resonates with many like-minded individuals and groups who want to participate.

Hence we offer volunteering/internship opportunities on the field.

Here are a few ways in which you can help.

Teaching: Many local communities are affected by poverty, lack of education and training. You could teach English, Science or even Maths

Sports Coaching: If you’re a sports enthusiast, you can get involved in coaching under-privileged, but often very talented youngsters.

Wildlife Conservation: Ran Mangli is surrounded by breath-taking wilderness. You can use technology to document the presence of wildlife around here.

Studying Man-Animal Conflict: Help protect the incredible wildlife population in partnership with the local communities.

We often organize programs for local youth and women conducting activities like building a smokeless stove, building a toilet by using local materials, making a soak pit, kitchen gardening, making solar cookers, garbage management or recycling.

If you’ve been an intern or a volunteer, we look forward to hearing your experience.

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