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Anirudh Chaoji is an experienced ecologist and expert in ecotourism. After successfully running one of the most popular wildlife and adventure camping organisations - Pugmarks, he retired early and moved to his heart’s calling. He has since been working with the Forest Department, first at Melghat Tiger Reserve and then moved to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. His work has been predominantly in the field of involving local communities in conservation.

“I have seen that our forests are under tremendous pressure from the rising human population. Unfortunately this pressure is only increasing, as the population shows no signs of getting under control. Thus I think the solution lies in working with this population by helping them to seek livelihoods from outside of the forests.” explains Anirudh Chaoji.

In 2019 Anirudh was featured on Condé Nast Traveller as one of the ‘50 amazing ambassadors of sustainable travel’ where he says “Tourism is the only solution to antisocial activities”.

Since childhood Anirudh was always hooked to the outdoors. The birds and smaller mammals fascinated him the most. He was convinced that adventure should be a part of life. So he ended up being an explorer, wildlifer, trekker, scuba diver, sky diver, river rafter, birdwatcher and a nomad for life! He considers the local people, their customs, and nature to be his best teachers, he considers himself a learner for life.

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