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Interacting with the local communities happens at different levels. Traditional festivities is one of them

Exploring new places of Community based Eco Tourism. Such initiatives provide livelihoods and benefits of Eco tourism to the locals.

Gender Equality is very impoortant part of Eco-tourism. These ladies guides are providing an Birdwatching experience to the Tourists. Winners of Wg. Cdr. C.M. Chaoji Award for Young Ladies Ornithologists

Recieving the Wg. Cdr. C.M. Chaoji Award for Young Ladies Ornithologists.

Regular training and refresher programmes help the guides provide a good experience to the tourists

Promoting Back to Nature Living at Ran Mangli. Presenting unique ides for rain water harvesting, solar power, crop rotation, protection from crop raiding.

There is an urgent need to look at the local community as Stakeholders in Conservation and not just as Cheap Labour in Tourism. Tadoba has shown an alternate model.

Replicating good practices elsewhere. Tadoba today is at the forefront of involving the local communities in Eco-tourism. This has made them beneficiaries and stakeholders in conservation.

The concept of involving communities as stakeholders is not easily acceptable. Thus there is a need to use all possible platforms to share the benefitsof such a conservation model

Using multiple platforms to promote the urgent need to involve local communities in Eco-tourism. Elsewhere in the country, tourism initiatives are mainly driven by resort and travel industry

Small Donations initiative has been instrumental in supporting a number of small dreams. A donation for Sewing Machines is skilling women from Ran Mangli village

As a part of the Small Donations initiative, sports equipments are reaching out to the grassroots.

Guides are now able to own binoculars through the Small Donations initiative.

Small Donations dont come only in cash or material format. You could be skilled and could share your Skills with those from the community who can benefit.

Nitin Kakodkar, the then PCCF Wildlife released the Wild by Nature book at an event in Nagpur.

The Wild by Nature books are aimed at generating love and respect for our flora and fauna. The most important audience is the School Students. Ms. Nalini Sengupta interacted & inspired these NCC cadets.

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