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How to Join the Movement

Ran Mangli’s movement for the conservation and protection of the wilderness involves the forest-neighbouring communities, to skill them and make them self-sufficient.

You can join this movement in three ways using your Voice, Time and Money.

Voice: To Spread Awareness

We seek to spread awareness about how upliftment of the forest-neighbouring communities can have a positive effect on wildlife conservation.

You can use your voice to share our message, by telling your family and friends. You can share this message in person or use social media for educational and awareness building purposes.

Time: To Volunteer

You can SIGN UP to be a volunteer with Ran Mangli

Just fill up this form https://forms.gle/A1w5rHvKYoscUCYRA

Please read a detailed post on “Volunteering at Ran Mangli Foundation”

Money: Donate To Make the Change Happen

Many projects do not see the light of day as they lack the necessary funds. Your contribution can help in moving the needle.

Just fill up this form to donate for the cause https://forms.gle/UoZDe5tkCR2BstTCA

Please read a detailed post on “Donate, Beyond Money”


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